Photorealistic visualisations

Do you want to make photorealistic visualisations, but you do not know how to get started? You keep rendering, but you are not satisfied with the effects? Learn our tips and see if you do everything the way we do.

1. Mapping

There is probably nothing more important than correct mapping. This concerns all materials, which we use in 3ds Max and Corona. We pay attention to reproduction

2. Size of texture

A basic mistake is the wrong size of textures. People often download textures from Google without paying attention to the size, and it really is of great significance. Pay attention to this from now on. Only download those maps with the smallest size, i.e. 2 000 pixels.

3. “Dirt” maps

Our eye captures the smallest flaws on materials. Therefore we perceive those that are more refined as realistic, and those that are less so are seen as flat. In order to make more complex material we mix maps with DIRT maps.

4. Correct lighting

Another important factor is light. If the scene is not properly lit, we can work on materials, but nothing will come of it. Use also IES lights for interior lights. These are the lights which make the visualisation look photorealistic.

5. Mistakes in the scene

The key to success in achieving realism in a scene is to get rid of all mistakes in the scene. By this we mean clearances which appear in the ceiling line or levitating objects. Pillows should lie on sofas and blankets should be spread on them properly. During the course we discuss such mistakes and the ways to cope with them when it’s all over bar the shouting, as they say.

6. The final render

We never let up at this stage. Renderings often require a minor correction We often highlight contrasts and reflections and this is enough if the scene is well prepared. Obviously a photorealisic render means low noise and high resolution, so it is just like with a good cookie that comes out of the oven, you need to wait patiently until the render is finished. If you have all the details refined, create renders which have 4 000 pixels on the shorter edge.

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