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You will learn how to create realistic materials. We will also give you tips which will be useful in your work.



3dsMax / Corona




94 min.

Price: 229$

Course programme

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Introduction to materials. Overview of the materials window. Duration of course: 6:30 min.

Mapping.UVW map. Duration of course: 4:08 min.

Glass. Duration of course: 3:54 min.

Concrete. Duration of course: 7:41 min.

Wall. Duration of course: 2:11 min.

Metals. Chrome, aluminum, brushed metal. Duration of course: 4:09 min.

Wood. Furniture, boards, flooring. Duration of course: 6:38 min.

Textiles. Velvet. Duration of course: 14:24 min.

Skin. Duration of course: 4:11 min.

Curtains. Duration of course: 4:25 min.

AO – ambient occlusion. Duration of course: 7:43 min.

Multi Sub Object. Duration of course: 6:55 min.

Use a mix of brick wall etc. Duration of course: 9:16 min.

Plant material. Duration of course: 5:48 min.

Luminous material. Duration of course: 4:23 min.

Material paths. Duration of course: 0:25 min.

Additional Videos

Material library. Duration of course: 1:42 min.

Hardware requirements

Learn what you need to start the course with us


  • Windows® 8 or Windows® 7 64-bit Professional operating system
  • 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
  • 4 GB RAM minimum (8 GB recommended) 4.5 GB free disk space for installation
  • 3-button mouse
  • Minimum required 3ds Max version – 2017


  • Autodesk 3ds Max x64 version 2013-2021
  • 64-bit Microsoft Windows (7, 8, 8.1, 10)
  • Installation requires administrator privileges
  • Distributed rendering also requires Autodesk Backburner, available for free from Autodesk

Get to know the works of our students

Learning 3d has never been so simple.

Students opinions

Learning 3d has never been so simple.

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