Snap in 3ds Max is a very useful tool, when we are anxious to maintain the maximum precision. Below you will find several tips on how to handle it.

What will SNAP be good for?

  • for a precise zoom in of e.g. vertices in a single object
  • matching two independent objects
  • to rotate objects on a specific angle

1. In order for SNAP to work, enable the Snaps Toggle by holding down the left mouse button and clicking on Snap 2.5 It works in the 2D space (i.e. front, left and top views etc.) and partly in the 3D view (perspective). You can also enable and disable Snap using the S key on the keyboard.

2. Hold down the right mouse button and select what exactly you want to snap. We recommend selecting Vertex and Midpoint. We know from experience that these will be most useful. However, depending on your needs, select whatever interests you.

3. We showed you in a gif image how you can quickly snap objects after selecting Vertex and Midpoint.

4. If you are anxious to snap an angle, i.e. rotate around a specific angle, select Angle Snap Toggle with the left mouse button.

5. By holding down the right mouse button you can describe accurately what angle of rotation you are interested in. We recommend entering such values as 1, 5 and 90 to speed up your work.

6. Above, you can see how spanning in rotation works. Remember that this option only works with Select and Rotate (E).

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